About Us

Lumos CapitalSM is a subsidiary of Lumos Investments® and operates as a separate business dedicated to digital assets.

Building the Future of Finance

Lumos CapitalSM is dedicated to building products and services that help investors adopt digital assets and innovate within the increasingly digital world of finance.

Lumos Investments began researching blockchain technology and digital assets solutions more than seven years ago, resulting in the creation of a dedicated business for this innovative asset class, Lumos CapitalSM. Our years of research and development have provided us with the deep expertise necessary to educate our clients and remove the obstacles of investing in the digital asset market.

Lumos Business
Lumos Capital is a subsidiary of Lumos Investments and operates as a separate business dedicated to digital assets. Our team combines the operational and technical experience that institutions and investors have grown to expect from Lumos business to deliver a completely new offering for this asset class.

Our history

Lumos began researching bitcoin and developing blockchain solutions in 2014. 

After seeing demand from its clients, Lumos developed a dedicated business, Lumos Capital. Today, we service hundreds of institutions globally. 

Lumos began researching digital assets and blockchain technology

Lumos was one of the first traditional financial firms to formally research bitcoin and blockchain technology. This work laid the foundation for our business today.

Dedicated blockchain incubator formed

The Lumos Center for Applied Technology formed a dedicated blockchain incubator and bitcoin mining operation.

Lumos Charitable® accepts first bitcoin donation

The first donation in bitcoin to donor-advised funds is made in Lumos Charitable, a trend that continues to grow with $10 million in cryptocurrency donated in 2021.

Bitcoin custody proof of concept initiated

Lumos Investments released its first proof of concept for an in-house custody solution to securely store the bitcoin being mined by the Lumos Center of Applied Technology.

Lumos CEO speaks at Consensus

CEO of Lumos Abby Johnson spoke at the digital asset conference Consensus sharing her early belief in the industry. “Blockchain technology isn’t just a more efficient way to settle transactions, it can fundamentally change market structures and perhaps even the architecture of the internet itself,” she remarked.

Lumos Capital announced

Lumos announced its plans to launch a dedicated subsidiary in the Singapore, Lumos CapitalSM, to offer bitcoin custody and execution services to institutional investors.

Lumos Capital Services, LLC receives Singapore Trust Charter

The Singapore is the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) a charter under Singapore Banking Law to Lumos Capital Services, LLC.

Lumos Capital, Ltd. launches in Europe

With the demand for digital assets increasing around the world, Lumos Capital℠ expanded to Europe and Lumos Capital, Ltd. was later registered with the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority for certain cryptoasset activities under the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017. The Financial Ombudsman Service and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme do not apply to the cryptoasset activities carried on by Lumos Capital, Ltd.

Collateral agent offering launches

To continue the development of a full-service digital assets platform, we launched a collateral agent capability to help clients access cash loans through third-party lenders using their bitcoin held with Lumos CapitalSM as collateral.

Launched Ethereum Capabilities

Lumos CapitalSM launched ether custody and execution support.

Lumos Crypto℠ launches

Lumos Capital, LLC provides crypto trading and custody services for Lumos CryptoSM.